Below are some frequently asked questions. Feel free to ask additional questions using the contact form

In addition to the information below, keep in my mind to ALWAYS respect my space, my house, my family and my neighbors. If you cannot adhere to the rules of the studio, you will not be invited back. 

NOTICE: While in the studio there are security cameras on-site recording video 24hrs a day. The video is strictly for security only and is never available to the public.

How big is your studio? 
My studio is a small-modest project studio situated in the basement of my house. It can seat 3-5 comfortably. It consists of two main rooms.. the control room area and the recording room where we record drums, amps and sometimes vocals. You can get a list of equipment and see some pictures of the studio here.

What are my rates?
My full recording and mixing/mastering rates can found on my Recording Rates page and my Mixing Rates page, respectively. But basically it's $25/hr to record and $75 per song to edit/mix. My rates are not negotiable. Please consider your complete project when budgeting how much it will cost. If applicable, consider how much time you need to record EACH song (then double it because it will always take longer than you think), the cost to edit/mix EACH song, and the cost to master your songs

Do you offer discounted rates?
Yes. Blocks of recording time are available for a discounted rate. You don't have to use the time all at once. If you have multiple songs in your project to be mixed/mastered then there are discounted rates for that as well.

How can I pay?
Cash is always accepted. But I can accept credit cards and PayPal for larger purchases. All fees must be paid in full or in advance prior to the release of any materials. NO EXCEPTIONS (I will submit low res mp3s as drafts during the mixing sessions) 

Why different rates for recording and mixing?
Mixing is different from recording and needs to be separated.  Sometimes people will just want to record themselves then take the recorded tracks away to mix themselves. If you want me to mix and/or master your tracks then instead of billing by the hour, I bill a flat rate per song so you don't have to wonder how much time I'm spending on your mix and if you're being billed a crazy amount by the hour. Recording sessions are in the moment and require my full time and attention. Mixing is typically done in a more relaxed environment and done in stages so charging hourly for that process isn't possible.

Can I sit and mix with you?
Sure. The rate per song mix is still the same, however. I must insist that the recording and mixing days not be the same day. I like to give the song a few days to cool and my ears a chance to rest. Then come back at it with a fresh perspective. I prefer to spend the time editing first (removing unwanted noise, timing corrections, etc) and then I move into the mixing stage.

What if I don't like my mix right away?
That's ok. It's a process where I will send you my first mix draft. Basically, I will balance the mix to my ears and maybe do a little panning. You can then send me a list of changes or edits you'd like to hear. (raise this vocal up, bring that down, etc). I will make your edits... and send back a second draft. You will have the opportunity to make one list of changes if you like. The third mix I send will almost always

What if, after the mixing, I'm still not happy?
That's ok. I will do everything I can to make sure you have a mix you will love. But if in the end I can't make it work for you, then I will refund your mixing fee for that song and provide you will the raw recorded tracks to give you the opportunity to have it mixed elsewhere. No hard feelings.

When does the time start when charging for recording?
I spend a great deal of time preparing for each session and I will work as efficiently as I can during each one. The moment you walk into the studio, the time starts. That means you should have everything you need with you to begin your session. That includes any background music files you want to sing against, sheet music, lyric sheets, etc. Time spent downloading and searching for files on the internet, or printing out lyric/chord sheets, etc will count towards your time. If you want to send me files a few days ahead of time that is encouraged. Whatever you can do to make the most of your time on the mic will help you in the long run.

What if your computer crashes or you run into technical issues?
The time will pause if I run into an issue that prevents your session from moving forward. 

I don't like how I sang that verse or the solo I played.. can I redo it?
If it's in the middle of your session... absolutely. We'll do as many takes as you need to get what you want. But if you decide the next day or a week later that you want to re-record, then another session will have to be booked and the rates will apply.

Can I smoke in your studio?
NO. If you must smoke please go outside to the driveway/curb and smoke. Drugs and weed are not allowed on the property at all.

Can I eat or drink in your studio? 
Yes. As long as you do it responsibly. ALWAYS have a designated driver. I'm not responsible if you drink yourself stupid and can't get home. Please remove any trash, bottles and cans and take care of any spills immediately before you leave. Alcohol is allowed but no drinking for those 21 and under. No exceptions. If the party gets out of hand then I will insist that the session be rescheduled.

Can I bring guests or split my time with another artist(s)?
I don't recommend it. If we're corresponding back and forth and you show up with extra people that weren't expected then I will politely ask them to leave or insist that the session be rescheduled. Extra people in the studio are loud as they tend to talk and make unnecessary noise during the sessions and are distracting. But mainly, this is my house and I'm very protective of it and my family. During our correspondence, I'm getting to know you and building a certain level of trust. I don't know the extra people you are bringing and it's inconsiderate. That being said.. ALWAYS ask first if you can bring a guest and limit it to 1 - 2 people. Remind them to be respectful of the process and my space.

What are the studio hours?
Studio hours vary depending on my schedule but for the most part Saturday and Sundays are open and Monday thru Friday from 7pm - 12am. IStudio availability is ultimately dependent on ongoing projects and I tend not to work no more than 4 hours at a time.

Can I bring my own engineer?
Sure. If you have someone who you trust more to mic up your drum kit or run the board/software that's ok. The rate remains the same however.

Can I bring my own drum kit?
Absolutely. Feel free to bring your own kit or hardware (snare, kick, cymbals, etc)

Can I bring my own mics? 
Of course. If you have a favorite microphone I encourage you to bring it along.

Do you rent equipment to the public? 
No. I cannot loan out my equipment.

Can you rent gear for my project? 
If there is a special piece of gear your project needs, I can attempt to secure a rental for the session. The cost of the rental will be added to your invoice.

Is parking available? 
My studio is located in a residential neighborhood so parking is at a premium. I try to be respectful of my neighbors space so I please ask that after you unload your gear that you park your vehicle(s) by the community playground around the corner. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Will food and drinks be provided during our studio time?
I've been known to order some pizza from time to time during a busy session but please feel free to bring your own food and drinks. I can supply water, tea and coffee upon request. Please take the trash with you however.

Can we load our equipment in the day before? 
Yes. Drummers and guitarists can bring their gear the night before and set it up depending on studio availability. 

Is it safe to leave our equipment overnight?
You are welcome to leave your equipment for multi-day sessions. I keep the doors locked, have an alarm system and security cameras. But I'm cannot be held responsible ultimately for your gear. Leave it at your own risk.

Can you provide a CD or MP3 of my mix before I leave? 
No mixes will be released until the session is paid in full for that day. I can provide rough mixes via MP3 and upload to your DropBox, Soundcloud, Google Drive, etc. If you require a CD than a $2.00 fee will be charged for the cost of the CD and the protective cover.