What is The MacTech Studio?

The MacTech Studio evolved out of my day-to-day tech consulting career. I built this studio for the simple fact that I love the art of experimenting and recording music. Over the years the studio has transformed from a simple 4-track tape deck (which i still own), drum machine and synth setup to a place where I can experiment with different sounds, record my ideas and record others who wish to come in make some magic.

You can safely say that this is a home studio. I won't deny it. I gathered all of this equipment, shoved it into my basement and now occupy two thirds of that space. The one side acts as the control and mixing room, while the other side is for tracking drum kits, amps, and anything else that makes a lot of big noise. The space certainly isn't sound proof but that's part of its charm and magic. The little creaks and cracks of the floors above, maybe the low hum of my wife running her lawn mower outside, or maybe one of the dogs will bark in key and provide that funky vibe that the track needs. Truth be told, I do my best to limit outside noises but you just never know what might happen.

Do you record other artists and bands?

I do but I don't advertise it. I like to meet folks who express interest in recording with me first. That gives us a chance to feel each other out and see if we're able to work together. For me, it's all about the music and if the project is interesting. If the project doesn't spark my interest then I will politely decline. I particularly like to work with single artists or smaller bands who may have some previous studio experience. I'm not opposed to any particular genre as I'm equally happy recording a simple folk singer as I am recording a metal group. Both present challenges that I really enjoy taking on.

Clay is the man! My band met him shortly after forming, we came into his studio to do his podcast and it was so much fun! He was very welcoming and accommodating...

Clay gave up more than a weekend having us over to his home studio. He mixed the song until it sounded right and even let me (vocalist) come back later that week to re-record parts.....”

— Cindy Parr, Vocalist for Sweet Suicide

What other services do you offer?

I offer audio editing services for various projects which include podcasts, town hall meetings, drum editing, drum sound replacement, audio restoration, etc. You can also have me mix and master your recording project. You don't have to have recorded it in my studio, in fact, it's always a good idea to let someone else mix or master your project to get a fresh perspective and a fresh set of ears. 

I want you to mix or edit my audio file(s),  how does it work?

Simply go to my store page and click on the specific service  you're looking for. Depending on how long your files are or how many files you need edited, will determine the cost. Add the service to your cart, fill out the form with the specific details of your project and pay for the service. I will send you an email with your DropBox Shared Folder link where you can upload your file(s) and i will take it from there. Once I receive your file, the typical turn-around time is 24-48 hours to received the edited version.

What if I don't like the service you've provided.

I will do my very best to make sure your are happy with the end result. If, in the end, I'm not able to provide the service you expected then I will gladly refund your money. 

I need an original piece of music for my project.

I can also produce custom beats, loops and sound design textures for your project. You can find a variety of those items ready to order in my store. I offer non-exclusive and exclusive licenses for any of those items.

What is a non-exclusive license verses an exclusive license?

Non-exclusive licenses allow the purchaser of the custom loop the right to use it or sample it in any manner they choose. However, others may purchase the same loop and use it to their projects as well. Where as an exclusive license grants the purchaser sole-ownership to that loop for a specific amount of time and voids all non-exclusive rights to the loop. Exclusive licenses cost significantly more than a non-exclusive license.

What about the The MacTech Consulting side of the business? 

I'm no longer offering my services or taking on new clients for The MacTech and if you're looking for Mac support in the DC area, I highly recommend calling Glenn Kowalski at MacLab.