9MR Lime (Reggae Rock)

by 9 Mile Roots

Latest 9 Mile Roots album. Released January 2014. Recorded and mixed at The MacTech Studio. The entire album was tracked using Studio One 2 and a Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2 mixer. Most of the effects are Presonus stock but I used Steven Slate's Virtual Tape Machine and Virtual Bus on each channel.

The drums were played on an electronic Roland kit using samples from Steven Slate's Drums.

The opening vocal line in Simplify is a sample from an interview Frank Zappa gave in the 80s.

Some of the unique vocal and horn effects are from Native Instruments "The Finger". I used Maschine to provide some of the effects heard on Something More and Another level.

The album was mastered inside Studio Live again using stock plugins and Steven Slate's Virtual Tape Machine was the last plug-in just before the limiter.

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